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As we stepped foot onto this campus, we brought a lot more with us than the clothes
and shoes we were putting into our closet. We brought with us
hope, excitement, and a
little uncertainty
for what was in store for us in the years ahead.
We knew what dorm or apartment we were living in, our roommates, and class schedule
filled with general pre-requisites, but we may or may not have known exactly what we
wanted to do for the rest of our lives.
And that’s okay.
At some point, whether it was when we were young girls, in the middle of our college
years or somewhere in between, we all had to weigh our goals with our passions to get
an idea of how we wanted to spend our career.
Isn’t it pretty cool that part of our destiny
lies in our own hands?


Once we have some sort of idea of what to do with the time we are given, a long road of
hard work and dedication lies ahead. The best thing about getting through our journey,
is that we never have to go through it alone.
We are surrounded by such talented, wise, capable people. And everyone’s path looks
a little different than the person next to them. We may not understand political science
or chemistry as a business major and we don’t have to. All it takes is caring for and
loving those around you to support each other’s journey while focusing on our own.
Trust your process. We all bring something unique to the table and college is the time to
figure out how we are going to use that to build a career for ourselves. You add value to
the journey, wherever it may take you.
We don’t have to have it all figured out, we just have to try our best. We all owe it to
ourselves to do the things we’ve once dreamed of. So do that with confidence.











Celebrate your victories, big and small. Don’t sweat the small stuff, there’s a lot of room
for growth. Focus on the big picture—when things get tough,
remember why you’re
doing this
. Support your friends through their journey. And while chasing your dreams,
don’t forget to be present. We don’t get this time back! Cherish the times you’re working
hard through.