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Chi Omegas Don't Sit Alone

Katie Simon

Why Chi O? Gosh, where do I begin? From the start of the summer, Chi Omega jumped out at me. Kendall Singer was my first impression at Summerfest, and if you know Kendall, you’ll understand why I was wowed by her. Kendall had such a passion not only for being President, but for being a Chi Omega. She is the most driven person I have ever met and everything I could have asked for in a President as a new member. You’re probably thinking, “Katie, if this girl is the first Chi O you ever met, you must have KNOWN this was the sorority for you!”


This was not the case. Sorry, Kendall. 


Chi Omega scared the crap out of me! I’ve had my fair share of “too good to be true” friendships throughout my life, and during recruitment having such positive people from the get go made me terrified that the sorority I chose would be just another fake group. But, I could feel deep down that these were women who could really change my life for the better. 


The conversation that made me sure of this was one with my Rho Gamma (and very close friend), Cortney Evans, on bid day. She told me that from the very beginning of recruitment, she had written down that I was going Chi O because of the way I talked about the girls. “You loved them from the beginning, you just psyched yourself out and convinced yourself that they didn’t really like you because you were scared to get hurt”. She was right. They really did love me for who I am.


Fast forward through the most draining and crazy week of my life, I put my fears aside, and I ran home to Chi O! And to this day, walking through that red door at 661 West Jeff has proven to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. 


My new member experience was nothing short of outstanding.

All the girls encouraged PC 20 to make themselves at home, and I took that advice so seriously that I was knocking on the red door at 10am sharp the day after bid day, determined to make friends. The first week of school I spent hours sitting on the couch as my sisters told me their names and where they were from, only for me to forget it 10 seconds after they walked away. 

Our new member educator, Emma Hamrick held new member meetings on Zoom where we learned all about the largest women's fraternity, and what it really means to be a Chi Omega. (She did the best job because she perfectly embodies everything she taught us. Emma was one of my biggest role models this semester and I adore her.) 

If there’s one thing I took away from those meetings, it was how strong our sisterhood was, and boy did PC 20 go overboard in trying to strengthen it. In lieu of the large gatherings that would normally be hosted for the new pledge class to meet each other, we planned game nights, ice cream outings, and study groups - you name it, we did it, because we wanted to get to know each other so badly in the midst of a pandemic. 

My favorite line of the symphony changes day to day, but as I write this it’s “to have her welfare ever at heart,” because it reminds me of my new member experience. PC 20, you have always had each other’s welfare at heart from day one. You are the future of Chi Omega and I truly could not live without all of your smiling faces.


Not only did my own pledge class impact my life, but my big in PC 19 has enriched my college experience in such a short amount of time.

I met my big when I was sitting at lunch alone (a rare sight for me - if you know me you know I always find someone to talk to). It had been a bad day and I really just wanted to eat my food in peace, then go back to my dorm to sulk. A girl I had never seen before sat across me. After a few beautiful minutes of silence, I heard her ask, “Are you a new member?” 

I quickly accepted the fact that I was going to have to be social. She struck up a conversation, and low and behold, she was a nursing major just like me! I got her number (still saved in my phone as “Olivia Glavan XO & Nursing”), and went home. The next day, she texted me that she was my assigned buddy for the week and asked me to hang out. Now I know that because of her busy schedule, she only attended one meal that semester, and despite her not knowing any of the new members yet, she saw me sitting alone and talked to me. She was my big sister before she was ever officially my big sister.

Just as walking through the red door as a scared new member changed my life, opening that same door once again to Olivia’s smiling face at my Big Little Reveal was simply one of the best moments. Olivia, you are bold, dedicated, and hilarious and I am thankful everyday that you are in my life.


Chi Omegas are the girls that always say “text me when you get home.” The girls who make sure you’re included.  The girls who sing a dinner song, elect me as gratitude chair, and make my day so much better, every day. The most radiant girls in every room.


Chi Omegas are the girls who don’t let you sit alone. It’s not too good to be true.