My Why

Sarah Lower

To say Chi Omega changed my life through and through would be an absolute understatement. I flung myself into recruitment as confident as one could be, yet terrified of how my future would change in one short week. As I ventured through the rounds of recruitment, something felt different about Chi Omega. That little house on West Jefferson Street and the beautiful women inside it sparkled in my eyes.

I’ve done a lot of reflection on my recruitment week and the overall experience. Something that has always stood out to me is how sorority women refer to this “feeling” during rush week. My own Rho Gam would even say, “you will just know where you are meant to be,” which at the time seemed almost impossible and dependent off luck. But funny enough, it is true. There is a feeling, and if not a feeling, a destiny of where you are meant to be. There is a way to make this feeling easy to decipher, however, and I’ll give you my own little piece of advice. When you really think about it, Chi O is a house, yes, but when I say I chose Chi O because of “the way it made me feel,” it’s the people who made me feel heard and loved, not the furniture in the living room or the yellow wallpaper in the kitchen or the clothes my sisters wore. The genuine souls of every sister who calls themself a Chi Omega is why I, too, made Chi O my home. So that’s when you’ll know the “feeling.” Your heart will warm and you will admire the face, heart, and spirit of the girl recruiting you. It is so important to pick the home that you would want to give back to, the home that challenges you, while also accepting you. Pick the home that makes you proud and the one that adds to your character, not one that benefits from your character.

The last little thing I want to say is what Chi Omega has brought me. I swore to myself when I joined Chi O that I would attempt to give back to the sorority all the things it has given me. Chi Omega gave me soulmate friends, people who I genuinely don’t know who or what I was without them. Chi Omega gave me a position to impact others through different leadership positions. What started out as a position of sharing scholarships with my sisters has led me to work my way up to being the New Member Educator Assistant, a position that has brought me immense joy and happiness. Chi Omega gave me a standard to uphold, one that allows me to better myself and represent the sorority as I do it. Notice while all these things have already been given to me, I leave room for all the rest of things Chi O will give me in time. Lastly, Chi Omega gave me memories that will last me for an entire lifetime. When I grow older and have children of my own, I beam with happiness as I realize I will be able to share the same funny college stories my parents once told me.

What’s funny is if I could have even just a fraction of the moments I’ve had as a Chi Omega, I can promise you I would still be the happiest girl in the world. 661 is a special place, filled room to room with special people. Find your 661.


Yours forever, Sarah.