< Featuring our special sisters, doing extra special things>

Our sister Sarah recently ran in the Bryce Canyon half-marathon in Utah with her dad! She won her age group, and finished 46 out of 862. We are so proud of her dedication to training, and excited to see her hard work pay off! #SundayShowcase

Our sister Jenny has been in Cape Town, South Africa for the past few weeks working at the Lotus River Health Clinic. She shadows doctors and is in charge of patient education for chronic diseases. On top of that, she has been exploring and having the time of her life! We are so excited and proud of her! #SundayShocase

Maddie will be heading to Nairobi, Kenya for a performing arts mission trip and doing her first all girls conference tour, Brave and Beautiful. She is hoping to empower these women with the message that they are beautiful just the way they are, and that each and every one of them have a strong and special purpose. We are so proud of her for spreading such a positive message and excited for her journey! #SundayShowcase

Our sister Emily Repka was nominated as FSU Surf Club's philanthropy chair, and was in charge of running the club's first annual surf contest- Waves for Awareness. The event raised a total of $2,500, which went to Surfers for Autism, a non-profit organization, and to autism research. We are so proud of the hard work and dedication she put into this event, keep on being awesome! #SundayShowcase

Our sister Jessy has been working an internship through the Disney College program. She spent her spring semester at Disney, working at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and will continue working attractions at Hollywood Studios this summer. We are so proud of Jessy for pursuing her dreams, and we cannot wait to see where this takes her! #SundayShowcase

Our sister Sabrina Fields has built a self-appreciation campaign with an amazing message. She states, "Impact others around you. Let them know that their opinion and creativity matters. This world is like a blank canvas, and we need to be the ones to splatter it with color". The #Stay90 project emphasizes the thumbs up and the 90 degree angle it makes when sticking straight up, and never letting yourself "bend" or change for others. We are SO proud of Sab for spreading such a powerful message, and we are so excited to see where she will take this. Stay Awesome, Stay Great, but most importantly #Stay90! #SundayShowcase

Our sister, Hannah Madison, is living the life over in France! She has traveled to Paris, Zurich, and Brussels, while taking classes towards her major in business along the way. Je T’aime Hannah! #SundayShowcase 

This week’s Sunday Showcase goes out to our new Prez - Hannah! Gamma is so eager to see what her ambitious attitude and warm-hearted spirit will bring in 2018! #SundayShowcase